His Selfies Turned You On-Justin Bieber Dirty Imagine

~~Your POV.~~


You were sitting down on your couch on your instagram.You were scrolling down when you see a picture of Justin,your boyfriend.He was shirtless with just a towel aroundy his torso.

You immediately get turned on.Yo become wet and you needed affection.You grab your keys and go to your car.

You drive to Justin’s house and knock on his door.He opens the door and he is just in boxers.

You push your way through the door and pull him with you to his room.You push him onto his bed and take off your blouse and your shorts.

He looks at you shocked but with a smirk.

"What’s up with you?" he asks the smirk not leaving his face.

" Your selfie got me horny and now I need you." you say.

"But i’m not horny." he says.

"Than i’ll make you,I know all your weaknesses." you tell him with a smirk.

Your plan to turn him on faster was to use all his weaknesses all at once.So you sat down right on his lap right over his cock and started sloppily kissing his neck.He moans and he gets a little hard under you.

You stroke him over his boxer,which is his other weakness and you start grinding on him.He is now super hard and you know whats next.

He flips you over and he start to kiss your neck.

"Mission accomplished." you smirk at him.

He takes your bra off and sucks on your nip.You moan and grab his head.

He pulls your panties down as you pull his boxers down and his dick springs out.He strokes it and positions it at your entrance.


"Give me all you got."

He thrusts in hard and you both moan at the much needed contact.

"Ugh fuck! " You moan.

"Mhmm baby." he moans and begins to thrust in and out harder.

He thrusts hard and fast as he sucks on your neck.You moan in pleasure as you rub your own clit.

" Im so close." he says.

"Me too." you barely moan.

You release on him and he cums on the condom.

"That was amazing." you say.

'Maybe I should post more selfies.” he says and we laugh.

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~~Your POV.~~~

You were laying on the couch,bored as always.You were bored ever since Justin,your boyfriend went on tour.You missed him so much and you couldnt to kiss and hug him.

Your phone beeps and you see that its a text from your friend.You open it and it said ‘We goin to the club so get ready.’ you reply with an ok and get up checking the time.It was 8:37 you nod to yourself and then .up to your room.

You go to the bathroom undress stepping into the warm bath,that you had set before you got in.You shower and the when you finish you step out. You walk to your room and take your clothes out.

You chose a short blue dress with heels and matching jewls.You put on a black lace bra but dont put on any underwear.

You curl your hair and finish up.You grab your phone and a clutch and go downstairs and wait for your friend.

She came and picked you up and you guys made your way to the club.Once you arrived there you got out of the car and went into the crowded club.

You went by the bar and got some drinks.Someone grabbed you by your waist and you turned around and your eyes watered.

"Hey baby." Justin said.

"Omg baby I missed you." You said and hugged him tight.

"Me too." He said and kissed you.

He pulled away and asked the waiter for two shots.He sat on the seat next to you and smiled at you.

You guys get tour shots and you drink up.You grab Justin’s hand and drag him to the dancefloor.

You guys start dancing,you grinding on him as he rubs himself against you.You guys dance for a while and then went home.

Once you got inside your house,you were pushed onto a wall.Justin kisses you hard and he rubs into your bum.

He picks you up and you wrap your legs around his waist.He carried you upstairs and he threw you on the bed.

"I missed you so much." He said as he stripped from his jeans and shirt.

"Mhmm me too." You say as he kissed on your neck while pulling your zipper down.

He rubs your thighs and his hand travels up further up your leg closer to your sex.Ge feels in between your folds and bites his lip.

"No panties?" He said as he ripped your dress off of you.

"Mmm no daddy." You moan.

He rubs his finger up and down your vagina and without warning he sticks two fingers into you making you moan out loud.

"Ugh fuck,Justin." You moan.

"You like that,dont you?" He says as he fingers you faster.

He brings his face down to your sex and his tongue made contact with your clit,making you moan.

"Mhmm more."

He starts to suck on your clit while he finger fucks you making you go crazy.Your orgasm nears and you moan out of control.You let your juices cover his fingers.

He rakes his fingers out and licks them clan.

"Mmm,tasty." He says.

He grabs hold of your legs and spreads them further.He gives you that look and you bite your lip and nod.

He slides in fast and hard,making you both moan.He begins to fuck you fast.

"Mm fuck." He groans.

"Ugh yeah daddy." You moan aloud.

He pulls out really quick and tells you to ride him.You sit on his cock and begin to bounce on him,making him ho crazy.

"Mhmm baby." He says.

"Im so close." You announce.

"Me too." He groans

"ughhh!!" You scream and cum all over his penis as he cums deep inside of you.

You fall onto his chest and carch your breath.You kiss his butterfly tatt and then wrap you guys with the covers.

"I love you." He says.

"I love you,too." You say.

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French Kiss


~~Justin’s POV.~~

"And when I french kiss,Im suckin on that bottom lip,that bottom lip!in suckin on that bottom lip,that bottom lip.".

I was in the shower while my speakers were blasting French Kiss by Trey Songz. I’ve been missing Brianna so much.

She’s been at work all week and we haven’t had time for us.I wanted her so bad.Just thinking of her body made me hard.

The song and the thoughts made me horny and now I have a boner.I look down and sigh.

I place my head on the glass shower door.I didn’t feel like jerking off for the tenth time this week.

"Need help with that?" I heard from behind me.

I look up and Brianna was standing there naked,making me harder,if it was even possible.She slowly walked closer to me.

"Do you?" she asked.

"Y-yes." I stuttered as she touched my shaft with her fingertips.

She goes down on her knees and starts to rub my shaft teasingly.She opens her mouth and puts it in.

"Ugh..fuck." I moan out at the contact.

She massages my tip with her tongue as she starts to bob her head up and down at a perfect pace.She puts as much as she can fit and jerks the rest off.

"Mhmm." I moan as I close my eyes.

She grabs hold of my thighs and she sucks on my cock without hands.I start feeling my balls pull back as they tense.

"I-I’m gonna c-cum!" I say and I shoot my load down her throat as she swallows it.

I pull her up by her arm and push her against the bath wall.I kiss her hard and pull her body close to mine.

I let my hand wander down to her sex and i feel in between her folds.

"Mmm so wet.." I say.

I pull her up and make her wrap her legs around my waist.I pull away from the kiss and kiss down her neck making her moan.

"Fuck me,baby." She whispered aroused.

I slid into her hard and fast,without warning.I moaned as I felt her tight pussy around my hard cock.

"Ugh fuck,tell everyone whose fucking you this good!" I yell as I pound into her hard and fast.

"Ugh fuck,dadyyy!" she screams.

"Yea,scream my fucking name,bitch." I say as My orgasm starts building up.

"JUSTINNNNN!" she screams as she cums on my dick,making me cum right after deep inside her.

I put her down as we breathe heavily.

"That was so fucking good." she says and kisses me.

"Round two in the room?" I say as I turn the water off.

"Fuck yea." she says and grabs my hand as we walk to the room.


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First Dirty Imagine!

~Your POV.~

You were at home,pacing back and forth.You were worried sick about your boyfriend,Justin.

You had an argument and he stormed off.He was dancing with a side chick in front of you.

You felt bad but he should of had some type of respect.Your thoughts were interrupted by a very beaten and weak Justin.

You rush to his side and help him up to your room.You sit him on your bed and get the gauze and alcohol.

You sit beside him and start cleaning his face,while tears brim your eyes.

"Where have you been!" you say out of frustration.

"Baby I was at Fredo’s." he says.

"Then why are you beaten." you cry out.

"Because turns out the girl I was dancing with at the club had a boyfriend and he found me and jumped me with his friends." he explained.

You hugged him and cried on his shoulder.

"I am so sorry." You cried.

"Baby no,I’m sorry for dancing with her right in front of you and dancing with her at all." he said.

"Your forgiven." you say.

"I missed you." he said as he kissed your head.

"I missed you more." you say.

He kissed you hard and passionately.He pulled you ontop of his lap.He squeezed you bum making you moan into the kiss.

You pulled his shirt off and he did the same to you.He flip you over so he stradled you as tou laid on the bed.

He kissed down your neck finding your sweet spot,making you moan loud.

"Mhmm,Justin." you moaned out.

He unbuttoned your pants and slid them off and threw them somewhere in the room.You connected your lips on his again and started unbuckling his belt.

He slid your panties off in one swift move.You unhooked your bra on your own and threw it behind you at the same time he threw your underwear.

"Your so beautiful." he said as he looked at your bare body.

You slipped his underwear off and he kicked them off his feet.He kissed on your neck and bit on your ear lobe.

"Spread them for me,baby." he said and without hesitation you did as asked.

"You ready baby." he said and you nodded biting your lip.You just needed him in you,now.

He slid in you in one quick move,making you both moan at the sudden contact.He began to thrust faster and harder.

"Oohh baby.." you moaned.

"Ugh fuck,Olivia." he groaned.

He thrusted faster and faster as he played and sucked on your breasts.This was turning you on even more so with all your strength you flip you guys over and you began to ride him.

"Ooh fuck baby!" he moaned out.

"You like that baby?" you ask as you ride him hard.

"Ugh yessss." he hissed.

"Im gonna cum!" you yell as you feel your orgasm coming.

"FUCK!!" he yells as he cums deep i side you.

"UGH!" You scream as your climax washes over you.

You fall o his chest and he wraps the blanket around you guys.

"I love you." you say.

"I love you too." He says and you guys fall asleep in each others arms.

Hope you liked its my first dirty imagine so tell me how it was below.




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